About Us

B.N.O.S. Meditech Ltd. is a specialty medical equipment manufacturer based in Essex, United Kingdom. Since it was established in 1991 Meditech has dedicated itself to the design and production of specialist resuscitation and ventilation equipment. Meditech has a marketing and distribution network that sells and services international markets. We are especially pleased that our technical engineering ability permits necessary product modifications to comply with local market needs throughout the world.

Committed to customer service, engineering and product development, we are fulfilling the manufacturing and supply of high calibre products for the emergency, home care and life support markets. If you have a product requirement in this area, talk to our technical department. We may be able to help.

Meditech is an ISO 9001 registered company which manufactures its products to the highest possible standards. The company’s core product is the MicroVenT® resuscitator. MicroVenT® is a Registered Trade Mark of B.N.O.S. Meditech Ltd. Microvent™, microVENT™, Airmix™, Utilityvent™, Microvent Responder™, Tinyvent™, microvent mariner™, microvent sailor™, meditech marine™ are Registered Trade Marks and/or Trade Marks of B.N.O.S. Meditech Ltd. The MicroVenT® is CE marked in accordance with 93/42/EEC/CEN/TC215/MDA:MRS1246, CE/0473 Class IIA Medical Device. FDA 510K K930533 . UK Patent No. 2270629. USA Patent No. 5537999 & 5351361. Canada Patent No. 2107358. European Patent No. 0578679.